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Insecticide for Horses
EASY “Once-a-Week-Protection”

Bye-Bye-Fly Trademark Pharmachem 2021
SWAT-Insecticide for Horses available in 250mL-500mL packs

87g/L Permethrin (25:75 cis:trans)

Available in:
250mL & 500mL packs

Wipe-On” Fly control for horses.

SWAT kills biting insects including:

• Buffalo Fly 

• Stable Fly

• Sand flies & midges

It also aids in the control of QLD itch and Equine allergic dermatitis 
Just wipe it on and the flies are gone!

SWAT’S unique formula is:

• Ready to use 

• Long-lasting protection

• “Rain and Sweat” resistant

• Low irritant (alcohol-free)

• Easy to apply (wipe on where the flies congregate)

• Economical (250mL will provide 2 months of protection for 1 horse)

Accordion Content

EASY “Once-a-Week-Protection”

  • For the “FIRST’’ application with a mitt, cloth or towel, apply twice the dosage.
  • This “charges’’ the applicator and allows for the absorption of Swat into the applicator material.
  • Application is best used while wearing a disposable rubber glove.
  • The best method is to apply Swat as a whole body-wipe.
  • Apply half the dose(i.e. 15mL for a large horse) along one side.
  • Wipe along the neck and withers to the tail head.
  • Then apply to the front and hind leg.
  • Apply the remaining product over the rest of the body (sides, shoulder and belly) including the face (being careful not to get the product in their eyes).
  • Apply the second half dosage on the other side in a similar manner.
  • Store your applicator in a zip-seal bag for future use.

Pay special attention to where the flies congregate.

  • For Buffalo flies – wipe sides, shoulders and belly.
  • For Sandflies and Qld Itch – wipe neck, withers and around tailhead.
  • For Stable Flies – wipe legs, shoulders and belly.