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SHIELD – for Horses

“POUR–ON” Fly control for Horses
EASY “Once-a-Week-Protection”

Bye-Bye-Fly Trademark Pharmachem 2021
40g/L Permethrin 80:20 (cis:trans)

Available in:
250mL & 1L packs

SHIELD is a Unique “POUR-ON” fly control for horses.

SHIELD Kills biting insects including:

  • Buffalo Fly
  • Stable Fly
  • Midges & Sand-flies
  • Bush and domestic flies
  • Mosquitos

It also aid’s in the control of Queensland Itch and Equine Allergic Dermatitis.

SHIELD’S unique formula is:

  • Ready to use
  • Has long-lasting protection
  • “Rain” & “Sweat” Resistant
  • Easy to apply (Simply pour it on)
  • Economical (250mL will provide 6 weeks protection for 500kg horses).

Additional Information on SHIELD “POUR-ON”
EASY “Once-a-Week-Protection”

Accordion Content

SHIELD spreads throughout the waxy layer of the horse’s skin from the site of application, remaining there for long periods of time.

It achieves the best results on biting insects that migrate around your horse’s skin.
For those flies that focus around the legs and underbelly area, dividing the dose to apply at the top of each leg should assist. For example, a horse 300Kg and over requires a dosage rate of 40mL. In this example, 10mL would be administered at the top of each leg.

Frequent washing/rain, rugging and heavy work (sweating) can all contribute to reduced persistence of shield on your horse. Under such conditions frequency of application may need to be increased to twice weekly.
For best results, allow 24 hours for SHIELD to dry before hosing, brushing, saddling etc.

SHIELD has a wide safety margin, however, in a few horses, particularly those of the fine-skinned Arab type, a small patch test is recommended to assess the sensitivity of the horse’s skin to Shield.
Reactions can be minimised by avoiding treatment during the heat of the day (preferably in the shade).