Pharmonia-1L bottle
Cresylic Acid 30g/L

PHARMACHEM PHARMONIA is an economical multi-purpose disinfectant wash for animals with insecticidal properties against Lice, Horse Fly, insect pests. It can be used as a Topical Wound antiseptic, treatment of Ringworm, Strangles, Thrush and Greasy Heel, Cleansing cows following calving (not for intra-uterine use), the treating of Ringworm, Strangles, Girth and Saddle Galls and Greasy Heel (chronic inflammation of the skin of the region of the fetlocks and pasterns of a horse’s leg), Thrush and general wounds.
(Active constituent Cresylic Acid 3%).

PHARMONIA helps rid pig pens of Lice and Fleas and to help repel Horse Flies and other insect pests.

PHARMACHEM PHARMONIA contains 30g/l Cresylic Acid. Cresylic Acid is used as an antiseptic, disinfectant, and is effective against a range of common pathogens within 10 minutes at a 0.3 – 0.6% solution.

Cresylic Acid is used for its disinfectant/antiseptic qualities in hospitals in the form of a cresol and soap solution, with proven efficacy.

1L x 8 units per ctn
5L x 2 units per ctn
1L – FGPHA0001
5L – FGPHA0005
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