NUHEART MONTHLY HEARTWORM TABLETS – Heartworm prevention for dogs

Nuheart Heartworm Tablets -Small, Medium, Large dog packs
Small Dog up to 11kg 68ug Ivermectin Medium Dog 11kg-23kg 136ug Ivermectin Large Dog 23kg-45kg 272ug Ivermectin

NUHEART®: For the prevention of heartworm disease in dogs
Ivermectin soluble monthly heartworm tablets for the prevention of heartworm disease in dogs.

Product Benefits:
NUHEART® has a unique three-way delivery system:
SIZE: NUHEART’s small size, across the entire range, ensures easier dosing and less rejection
FLAVOURING: NUHEART’s sweetly meat flavoured base is attractive to dogs and makes “tablet time” simple
SOLUBILITY: For difficult dogs, NUHEART® can even be dissolved quickly in a small amount of water and mixed in the pet’s food. They won’t even know they’ve had it!


up to 11kg x 40 units per ctn
11kg-23kg x 40 units per ctn
23kg-45kg x 40 units per ctn
up to 11kg – FGNUHS
11kg – 23kg – FGNUHM
23kg-45kg – FGNUHL
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