HOOF-AID – Antibacterial & Antifungal aid for hooves


Oil of Turpentine, Lanolin,
Pine Oil, Iodine

Hoof-Aid™ is a brush on hoof healer containing bactericidal, antifungal, antiseptic and counterirritant properties. It does not seal pores, but allows the hoof to breathe stimulating rapid growth and stronger hooves.

Hoof-Aid™ get results without using harmful mineral oils, acids, or pine tar. It retains the natural oils in the hoof, and supplements them, yet it doesn’t seal pores. Instead it lets the hoof breathe, disinfects it, conditions it, and stimulates rapid healthful growth.
It also aids in the prevention of common conditions of dryness which results in brittle, shelly hooves, hard frogs, quarter cracks, contracted and split heels.

Hoof-Aid™ arrests fungicidal and bacterial infection, prevents thrush and speeds normal hoof development by stimulation through the coronet band.

500mL x 6 units per ctn
1L x 2 units per ctn
5L x 1 unit per ctn
500mL – FGHFA0500
1L – FGHFA0001
5L – FGHFA0005
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