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Brush-On Hoof Healer for Horses

Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal aid for horses

Hoof-Aid-500mL Anti-bacterial/Anti-fungal aid for horses

Oil of Turpentine, Lanolin,
Pine Oil, Iodine

Available in:
500mL packs

Hoof-Aid™ is a brush on hoof healer containing bactericidal, antifungal, antiseptic and counterirritant properties.

HOOF-AID™ doesn’t seal pores.  Instead, it lets the hoof breathe, disinfects it, conditions it, and stimulates rapid healthy growth.

HOOF-AID™ arrests fungicidal and bacterial infection, prevents thrush and speeds normal hoof development by stimulation through the coronet band.

HOOF-AID™ gets results without using harmful mineral oils, acids or pine tar.  It retains the natural oils in the hoof and supplements them.

HOOF-AID™ aids in the prevention of common conditions of dryness which results in brittle, shelly hoofs, hard frogs, quarter cracks, contracted and split heels.