Our Range of General Products

Pharmachem offers a broad range of general products such as raw chemicals, cleaning agents, disinfectants, perfumes, grooming products and surgery cleaning agents.

Vet at Piggery


Activated Charcoal

Cod Liver Oil (Vet Grade)

Prevention & treatment of Vitamin A & D deficiencies

Paraffin Oil B.P.

High grade (B.P.) white oil for Vet use

Potassium Permanganate

(Condes Crystals)

Stockholm Tar

“Lucine” type – imported from Sweden

Iodine Strong 10%

Antiseptic Solution

Kisses Refresh

Perfume Spray

Perfume Bouquet

Perfume Concentrate

Clinikill® Concentrate​

Disinfectant Cleanser for use in hospitals, surgeries, dairies, stables and more
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