Our Range of General Products

Pharmachem offers a broad range of general products such as raw chemicals, cleaning agents, disinfectants, perfumes, grooming products and surgery cleaning agents.

Vet at Piggery

Raw Chemicals


Activated Charcoal

Cod Liver Oil (Vet Grade)

Prevention & treatment of Vitamin A & D deficiencies

Paraffin Oil B.P.

High grade (B.P.) white oil for Vet use

Potassium Permanganate

(Condes Crystals)

Stockholm Tar

“Lucine” type – imported from Sweden

Cleaning Agents

Iodine Strong 10%

Antiseptic Solution

Perfumes | Grooming

Kisses Refresh

Perfume Spray

Perfume Bouquet

Perfume Concentrate

Kennel Cleaning

Clinikill® Concentrate​

Disinfectant Cleanser for use in hospitals, surgeries, dairies, stables and more
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