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A Pour-On Fly Control for Horses

Bye-Bye-Fly Trademark Pharmachem 2021

FLYSCREEN™ is the “brand new’’ patented fly control product for horses

FLYSCREEN, 120mL Fly Control for Horses

87g/L Permethrin
(25:75 cis:trans)

Available in:
120mL packs

Developed in Australia, Flyscreen™ is the “brand new’’ patented fly control product for horses.
Its unique “dual application’’ method targets specific flies where they land on the horse (eg Buffalo flies along the backline and Stable fly on the legs and belly).
Applied “once a week’’, Flyscreen™ has raised the bar and has set the new Gold standard for the fight against biting insects every horse owner’s been waiting for.

  1. Ready-to-use Pour-on.
  2. Apply once a week
  3. Economical-120mL bottle has 4x Adult treatments(30mL dose)
  4. Rain/Sweat resistant
  5. Low irritant
  6. “Unique dual application’’ targets flies:
    Pour-On for Buffalo and Sandflies
    Wipe-On for Stable fly
  7. Kills flies when they land
  8. Australian Made and Owned.
  9. Patented technology