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Proud-Aid for horses

Proud-Aid is very concentrated and non swab-able. Proud-Aid is safe to use for extended periods of time and is safe to use on pregnant mares. Stir Proud-Aid regularly to help stop it drying out and separating.

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Most frequently asked questions and answers
It is not necessary to bandage when using Proud-Aid but is recommended for severe injuries and certain conditions. Proud-aid will quickly dry creating a protective shell over a wound.


  • The area must be debrided to facilitate a small amount of blood.
  • Wash and dry the area then apply the Proud-Aid.
  • Allow Proud-Aid to dry then wrap with a non-stick pad.
  • Repeat step two and three every day for one week, then every third day until healed.

Depending on the development of Proud flesh.

  1. If Proud Flesh is 2cm or higher than the level of the skin, change every day until the wound is level with the skin.
  2. If Proud Flesh is 1cm higher than the level of the skin, change every 2nd day until wound is level with the skin.
  3. Change bandage every 3rd day to prevent Proud Flesh and to aid in the treatment of other wounds.

We recommend applying the Proud-Aid immediately after washing and drying using a non-stick pad in direct contact with the wound, and then bandage. In some cases it is acceptable to apply Proud-Aid direct to the non-stick pad as well as the wound before bandaging. Proud-Aid adheres best to dry wounds just after washing with an anti-bacterial solution then patted dry.If you use a woven gauze pad the Proud-Aid will absorb into it, and not work as effectively.

No. Wash well, and wipe away any Proud-Aid that can be removed. If a trace of Proud-Aid is still present, it will not damage the healthy tissue, so this allows the application of fresh Proud-Aid to be applied over the top. If the Proud-Aid starts to build up on the edges, soak the wound with warm soapy water for several minutes to moisten the areas more, and then remove, this will make it easier to remove the build up.

It is important that any infection is treated BEFORE USING Proud-Aid. Proud-Aid creates the perfect wound bed and rapidly improves healing time. Wounds may abscess if infections are not treated and cleaned up.

Proud-Aid should not be applied directly to the bone. Full thickness wounds (through to bone) heal only after the formation of a granulation bed. Granulation tissue begins 3-6 days post injury.
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