COD LIVER OIL (VET GRADE) – Aids in the prevention & treatment of Vitamin A & D deficiencies

Cod Liver Oil range-500mL, 1L, 5L
Each 30mL contains Retinol (Vitamin A) 18,000iu and Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D) 1,800iu

A Vitamin A and D supplement. An aid in the prevention and treatment of Vitamin A and D deficiencies. Indicated for animals and birds kept under intensive conditions indoors.

Product Benefits:
Vitamin A is necessary in the diet for growth and development of the young. If the young are denied Vitamin A at an early age, growth will slow and later they may develop an eye disease called Xeropthalmia.

Vitamin D is responsible for the absorption of salts of Calcium and Phosphate into the system rather than elimination from the body as waste material. Without Vitamin D Rickets may occur.

Pharmachem COD LIVER OIL will supplement the diet and avoid deficiency in Vitamin A and D thus eliminating the risk of Xeropthalmia and Rickets developing. Cod Liver Oil must be stored and used as directed.

500mL x 15 units per ctn
1L x 8 units per ctn
5L x 2 units per ctn
20L x 1 unit per ctn
500mL – FGCOD0500
1L – FGCOD0001
5L – FGCOD0005
20L – FGCOD0020
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